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Club’s Support

The support and the encouragement from individuals and clubs to go back and beat “The Dakar” have been amazing! Many club’s have asked if I would give their members a presentation as they are intrigued about “The Dakar”, how it all works, what’s  involved, how to prepare, how to get a ride, what bike to use and the big one, how much does it cost?!

I would like to ask the clubs that I have ridden with over the years for your support and help to get their local rider to the finish of the Dakar. I can in return include your club logo on my web site and also on the bike. I’d also welcome the opportunity to come to a venue supplied by you to present and share all that I have learned about ‘The DAKAR Rally’. The presentation will cover preparation, budget and building a bike and hopefully you will find the presentation informative and both inspirational and entertaining.

You can make any payments via the Donate button on the left side bar and leave me a sample message on how we can help each other out. Can you send your ‘Club Logo’ via email and please let me know if you would like to take up the option of “My Dakar Presentation”. Thank you in advance for your support and encouragement to successfully complete ‘The DAKAR Rally’

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