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A Peoples Bike

PJ SmileI would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that sent messages of support after my ‘crashing’ out of the 2013 Dakar Rally. I was totally overwhelmed by all the messages that came pouring in via Facebook, Twitter, Email and Text, they meant so much to me, thank you! I’ve entered in the Malle Moto class this time round. That mean no support crew –  just me, my bike, my tent and a sleeping bag! The organizers are giving me a metal chest to store as many spares and personal items as  possible in it, apart from that it is just me against “The Dakar”!  This will be a true adventure of self discovery and a personal challenge!!  

I have Unfinished Business’ and I’d like to ask you to ‘ride with me’ this time around. It’s going to be even more important this time to know that you are with me from the start. Your support will really help me and will acted as the additional motivation and encouragement to achieve this enormous task.

I self financed my 1st attempt at “The Dakar” by using all my savings, remortgaging my house and ‘caning’ the credit cards. My entry has now been accepted for the 2014 Dakar, so I’m in, that’s the 1st challenge out of the way. Now all I need to do is raise the money to get me to the start line and then with a lot of luck, dog eared determination, on to the finish!

For me ‘The Peoples Bike’ means that Every day when I get on my bike your pictures will remind me that I am not alone and that all my supporters, friends and family are with me to the finish!

  • For a donation of £10 you’ll get your picture of your choice (tasteful please) on this web site.
  • For a donation of £25 you’ll get your picture of your choice on the web site and on my bike.
  • For a donation of £50 you’ll get your picture of your choice on the web site and on my bike + we’ll send you “Team PJ Dakar Racing” Tee-shirt and “Team Sticker”

Please make your payments via the Donate button on the left side bar which will take you to your PayPal account. Once in the payment system please leave me a message, let me know about the picture you would like me to use and what size “Team PJ Dakar Racing” Tee-shirt you would like along with your contact details and address to send the Tee-Shirt to.

A massive thank you to all those who have so far sent me pictures and are supporting me.   PJ

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