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Training in Wales

Posted by on 15/03/2012

Training in Wales with

Excellent weekends riding on the 10th & 11th of March with Craig and Tams, helping out with some coaching and demonstrating techniques on a new piece of land for the “Black Desert Training Team”. I’d taken two bikes down with me for the weekend. The Ex Paul Edmondson CR250 to try out a new rear shock and new carb needle, plus the fire breathing Rally tuned CFR450x which i intend to use as my Dakar bike. I’d brought the CRF down to mainly test the new gearing and new suspension with the added bonus of getting Craig’s opinion if i was going down the right route with this bikes development.

Saturday first thing we covered basic techniques on balance, bike control and the importance of warming up before we moved on for some trail riding and the wood’s. In the wood’s Craig and Tam’s had been busy setting out arrowed course’s and pinning down logs in different configurations for the lad’s to try through out the day. One of the courses was a tight tree lined course with ditches and stream crossings. The previous rains had made the moss covered ground very soft and they slowly turned into bottomless rut’s exposing some tricky roots. After the original line had become almost unridable Craig suggested I have a go and demonstrate how to get through it all. Fired the CR up and cleared it out best i could as it was running rich (i still need to do some fetterling with the jetting on the carb). There’s only one way through this lot now i thought, just hit it fast and maintain as much momentum as possible, somehow got out the other side! Craig then feeling he’s missing out on some fun nicked my CR and flew through the lot as well, that cleared the bike out well and truly, great fun was had by all! Everyone energy levels were getting low by now so we started to call it a day with a trail ride back to the van’s. So on to a quick wash and down to the pub for a lovely steak, a few beer’s and the sharing of tales from the day. This led to the inevitable Dakar stories, I’d met a few more off road bike riders, made some new friends that shared the same dream of riding “The Dakar”, how many of us are out there i wonder?

Sunday morning the sun was starting to come out and the trail riding had take on a totally different feel to it all, where did those views come from, magnificent! After some more advanced balance and bike control techniques we moved onto fire road corners, taking them faster and more safely. Then on to the hills deeper in the forest. Again we came across numerous premarked out course varying in degrees of difficulty as we moved up higher and higher. We had a great day and the whole group nearly made it up the last course/climb, which I’d grade as a hard route. By then they were all getting knackered and i think the energy levels where the only thing holding us back from beating the mountain by the end of the second day. I’d bought my CFR450x out for second day to test it out and to let Craig have a go as i respect his opinion of it as a base bike to build for the Dakar. This had put a smile on Craig face, he liked it and we soon started talking Dakar, “Come on Craig, are you going to ride in the next Dakar I asked?” that look was in his eyes, he was a thinking! The CRF was awesome, pulls like a train and handles superbly. Think I’ll need to fit a steering damper next, bit twitchy at high speed though, but it’ll probably be a different story with all the extra weight of the larger fuel tanks and the navigational equipment on board. I’ve defiantly chosen the right bike for me to use in the Dakar rally, i love it and i trust it! As we returned back to the quarry start area i couldn’t resist having a go at the 60 degree quarry face. Took it in third first time up, to fast, got air off the top! Back down for another go, in second this time, that was better. Tams was the only other rider to have a go and straight up she went, no problem. When she came back down she said that reminded her of the Dakar! So thats what I’ve got to look forward to by the sounds of it, excellent! Packed the van up and a four hour drive home with a big smile on my face while chilling to so some tunes. The time just flew by, i wanted to keep on driving and make the weekend last for ever!

Thank you “Black Desert Training” i had an excellent weekend riding with you guys as did everyone else.

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    Loves yer x x x

  2. Maggie

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