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The Dakar – Take 2 – Unfinished Business!

Posted by on 03/07/2013

PJ - BrooklandsI’ve been seeing a Phiso weekly for the last 5 months for the badly dislocated/ torn shoulder which i sustained on day two of The Dakar 2013. Finally, it’s stopped being painful all the time, have gained vertically full movement back and I’m back on the mountain bike, in the gym and been out a few times on my Dakar bike green laning. “At last, that’s taken some time for my shoulder to settle back down!” The shoulder recovery was what i was waiting for before deciding when was the right time to take “The Dakar” back on; I have Unfinished Business with this bad boy!

So i’ve entered again, I’m going for it for a 2nd go! I’ve got the bike, just a few small adjustments to improve it even further, got all the gear and allot wiser for my first experience. In talks with a British support team and it’s looking good at putting it all together, it’s not in my nature to be beaten!

I self financed my 1st attempt at The Dakar, used all my savings, re-mortgaged the house and more to cover the £65,000 + cost of taking part in “The Dakar”.  So as you can imagine i was extremely disappointed to crash out on day two avoiding another crashed rider. The encouraging points from my 1st attempt was that i had prepared correctly, the bike was spot on and i improved my position by 100 places to 76th overall from my starting number 176th. By staying onto the end of the event even tho the organisers wanted to fly me home due to my injuries, i convinced them that i needed to stay on to gain as much knowledge as i could for when i come back. I now understand a load more about “The Dakar” which will go a long way to make my 2nd attempt a successful one, and confirmed my belief that i can finish in the top 50!

I’m going to need your help support if I’m to get back to the start line of “The Dakar”. The main challenge is to raise the fund’s necessary to enter. This time round as i have the bike, spares and all the gear it’ll cost me around £50,000 to put together a successful result. To raise these fund’s i’ve come up with some ideas where you can help me for as little as £25 and to give you something back for your money.

I’m not going to be able to do it without your support”.

Option 1: For Individuals we are going for “A Peoples Bike”, for a minimum donation of £25 you can have your individual picture or your name on my bike and on my web site. And If you could manage to scrape together a donation of £50 you will receive a team “Team PJ Racing tee-shirt” as well as your picture or name on the bike and this page on my web site:

Option 2: For Individuals I’d like to offer to share some of my experience and knowledge on VIP ride outs with PJ. For me there’s no better feeling than having to opportunity to help see my fellow rides and friends improve their riding techniques and for them to feel more confidant in their own abilities, and best of all, have some fun! We’ll be in a maximum of 5 x riders per evenly matched groups, setting off from the Fleet Hampshire area. All ride outs will be tailored to your abilities around the Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshires green lanes. For a suggested donation of £100 per person to my Dakar fund which will includes lunch and a the option of a “Team PJ Racing tee-shirt”:

Option 3: For Clubs I’ll come to a venue supplied by you to present and share all that i’ve learnt about “The Dakar”. It’ll cover my preparation, budget and building a bike, plus hopefully your find my presentation amusing, inspirational and entertaining In return for a donation. I’d also like to give the club’s that i’ve ridden with over the years the optional of making donation and I’ll include your club logo on the bike and on this web page:

Option 4: For Corporate Sponsors who’d like to sponsor me in the 2014 Dakar Rally we will put your company logo on the bike and on this web page along with a brief description of what you do. If you’d like to take up the opportunity of sponsoring me I’d also like to also offer you the option of a presentation on “My Dakar” story at a venue supplied by you. :

Please contact me via my details on: to register your support.

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