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PJ’s Welcome

Posted by on 13/02/2012

Hi, I’m Paul Jay and after dreaming of riding The Dakar Rally for longer than I can remember and seriously aiming to enter and training accordingly for it for the last 10 years in IN!

The first challenge of The Dakar is to make the commitment to enter, commit to spend at least £50k, commit to getting fit, hopefully keep injury free, and finally, to stay focused, maintain concentration and enough energy to get me to the finish….Oh, and get a lot of luck, I’ll need it!!! I hope my web site and updates are enjoyable, i intend to share as much information as possible along the way, thank you. PJx

Dakar Video Press

Dakar “the utilmate adventure”

Dakar Landscapes


3 Responses to PJ’s Welcome

  1. Dean

    Good luck mate. I’ll be following you. Your’re a brave man!

  2. Gary Angell

    Wonderful writeup, you’re doing something I’d always wanted to do.
    Best wishes for the event, stay safe ride the bollox of it and enjoy.


  3. Mike Fredriksen

    Thanks for a great insight into Dakar from a privateers perspective. What a fantastic adventure, stunning terrain, big miles, digging deep and always with everything I watch and read about the Dakar a slightly dark side creeping in from the edges….

    Even if I had the money I dont think I’ve the cojones, unless I’m on my 5th pint in a bar somewhere!

    I hope you are at the start – and the finish – next year and I’ll be watching with interest from afar.

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